Friday, 18 November 2016

The Craft Barn Alpha/Dictionary Challenge - Letter I

What has come over me? There are still nine days to go before the close of the Craft Barn Alpha/Dictionary Challenge for the letter "I" and I've finished my entry! Usually I'm just skidding in by the seat of my pants.

A long time ago I "won" a set of Leonardo da Vinci stamps on that well known auction site and then they just joined so much other unused stuff in my craft room. So it was time to give them some love and use them for on my postcard to illustrate my chosen word - intellectual. Another first for me this week was having a go at the retiform technique - crossing lines and interstices to you and me.

I started by brushing Wild Honey Distress Ink (DI) over my card  followed by a layer of Rusty Hinge DI. I stamped Leonardo' s head and then created the grids using Vintage Photo DI. I then masked off each section in turn and stamped with the other elements on the stamp plate. Ground Espresso was sponged around the edge of the card and then the dictionary definition added to complete the postcard.

Postcard Recipe
Anna Marie Designs Smooth Stamping Card 300gsm
Anna Marie Designs Super Smooth Printer Card 200gsm
Distress Inks -  Wild Honey, Rusty Hinge, Vintage Photo, Ground Espresso
Versafine - Onyx Black
Da Vinci plate - Judikins/Stamp Addicts
Definition - computer generated Typewriter font   


Scrapmate said...

What a fabulous word and a great use for your unused stamps. You have reminded me about the grid technique which I haven't used in a while. I love the sepia tones of the page.

sally said...

Very nice choice of style & word, congratulations on finally getting ink on those lovely stamps!


Elaine said...

Love what you've done here - the colour goes so well with the images. Elaine x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What an intelligent choice of words and da Vinci is the perfect intellect for the illustration.

Grids are hard for me, so I will use this as a good example of good retiform. I was surprised to see your entry before the final day, but this postcard turned out great. And you gave those unused stamps some love, too.

Mickie said...

Fantastic postcard Maggie and thanks for re-visiting the retiform technique - I'd forgotten that one! Thank you for entering the Craft Barn Alpha challenge xx

kaybee said...

What a fabulous set of stamps, and I haven't done retiform for some time, so thanks for providing a reminder!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Maggie, I was sure I left you a comment about sewing on paper, but I can't find where I left it.

I use an 80/11 needle. It has a very sharp point and lasts forever, or until I break it. I break the needle, usually by doing something silly just like when I'm sewing on fabric. BTW, the "experts" will tell you to change your needle after each project, but I have had the same needle in my machine for about four months, I sew on paper nearly every day, and it is still going strong.

Deli paper is translucent and is often used (at least in the US) to wrap sandwiches. I found mine at a big box members only store. There are 500 sheets in a box and it came with two boxes, so I have enough to last at least a lifetime.

Lesley said...

Great word choice and lovely stamps! xx

Craftyfield said...

Well done on finally inking those lovely stamps! A great technique to use with this theme, I think Leonardo would have loved it!

Julia said...

The retiform technique is a new one for me. It is really effective on your postcard. I will add this technique to my long list of things to try! You chose an excellent word and the postcard displays those stamps perfectly.

WendyK said...

Fabulous technique and the colour suits it perfectly. The stamps are just right for the word.

Josie said...

My son would love this and the images would also be perfect for a steam punk theme. Great job!