Saturday, 5 December 2015

The Craft Barn Weekly Challenge - Folding

As luck would have it this week's Craft Barn challenge is folding and I had just made a paper folded angel when it was announced. She will adorn, along with some other makes, the tree I will be decorating for the Christmas tree festival at our parish church. Local organisations are invited to join in and I'm dressing it on behalf of the Pre-school Learning Alliance supplies shop I run. I'm making various decorations using materials that we sell to give parents ideas on simple things that their children can make. I will also hang paint brushes, glue sticks, pens, tubes of glitter etc on the tree. It's all good community fun (and free publicity).

I stencilled snowflakes with white paint onto two pieces of sugar paper (about A5 and A6 size) and then folded them concertina fashion (I cheated and used my Houghie board). I die-cut a white circle of card and and drew on the face before free cutting some hair to stick on the face. I finished off by bending a gold pipe cleaner into the shape of a halo.


Jane said...

How lovely is this? Beautiful folding! Thank you for entering The Craft Barn Challenge.
Jane x

Josie said...

Simple but cute - I love it!